What Are The Best Sculpting Tools For Polymer Clay

Polymer clay brought to fore by German doll maker Kathe Kruse in 1939, is a type of clay used for modelling. While there is an assortment of tools for artists to use, here are some tools that clay artists need to be familiar with.

Your work can only be appreciated if it has the right shape. This can be achieved using colour shaping tools. A tool that can be found in a wide range of tip styles, firmness, even size, it’s usually used for sculpting miniatures.

Another quintessential tool, used on types like clay, epoxy putty or wax, is the dental tool. Mainly used for carving flesh away, it’s also used for carving wood and even scraping. Do keep in mind that these are ineffective on soft materials and metal surfaces.

A clay model is only as good as how clean it is. To help clean greenware, knives are an artist’s best friend. Very useful for working with polymer clay, they also function as hard modelling tools.

Just like knives, mini ribbons can be used to clean corners or smooth curves, even add textures or create patterns. Also used to level materials over an area, it can also be used to fill gaps.

Wooden modelling tools are crucial to artists mainly because they help shape the figure. They aid in moulding smooth edges. Three-dimensional modelling can be attained with said tools. They’re usually available online or at your local craft supplier.

To cut the clay, a good suggestion would be a flexible blade knife. Suitable for cutting through layers of polymer clay, they work very well in paper clay surfaces and even cutting through soft structures. For a typical polymer clay user, investing in a knife would make it easier to press down evenly on the blade.

Rolling pins help even out a layer of paper clay, clay, or any modelling material for that matter. Acrylic rolling pins are tiny and very easy to clean and use. Even though finding one may turn out to be difficult, a plastic house might just cut an adequate amount of plastic for just this purpose.

The last tool is called a clay gun. No, it does not shoot clay, but it does help in pushing out long strings of clay, modelling material or even polymer clay. Found in craft stores all around, this tool works similar to a cookie press, particularly with polymer clay.

There you have it, a handful of inexpensive tools that’ll help you start out with polymer clay you may use.