The threat of Asbestos

Being in the construction field in this day and age you may think you will never have to run into the threat of anything related to Asbestos, you are probably correct if you were to never do any work on anything from the past. Any sort of roof repair you would carry out on an older house, factory or maybe the demolishing of something could be a risk. The biggest risk involved with Asbestos is developing Asbestosis, this is a very serious disease and I will go into it a bit now.


It is a chronic disease which ends up causing scarring in the lungs this leads to long-term breathing complications. The only cause of it is exposure to asbestos, one of the biggest problems is that it almost always cannot be diagnosed until years and years after the exposure occurred and by then it’s generally too late. Unfortunately, Asbestosis is an incurable lung disease and it makes breathing more and more difficult as it progresses, it generally is caused by people that work around asbestos for long periods of time and did not take proper precautions and it also causes an elevated risk of developing asbestos-related cancer.


Thankfully prevention is actually very easy to manage as long as you are aware of what is going on and what you are working with. To reduce the risk of Asbestosis you need to limit your exposure to asbestos fibres. If your job requires you to work with the material there will no doubt (well should be) strict work practices that your employer has listed for working with asbestos. Make sure you adhere to these guidelines. These are usually involving things such as the measurement of air levels and using a proper respirator to avoid breathing in the fibres. Even if you know asbestos is around you, you do not need to be deathly afraid of it. It is only when the asbestos is broken or disturbed in a way that will dislodge the fibres that you have to worry about it. Even still it would probably pay in the long run to remove any asbestos from your home that you know about. It will be safer in the long run. Sanding with a dust mask if you are a house painter is one example of when you should be cautious and protect yourself form any possible contamination from particles.